Adjustable Nipple Clamps

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Underrated and X-Rated: A Beginner’s Guide to Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Breasts have been sexualized since the dawn of time, and rightly so: They are one of the most important erogenous zones in a woman’s body.

One of these zones, often missing an invite to the party, includes your nipples. Many women prefer a more gentle fondle, but others can find themselves enjoying a little bit of pleasurable pain.

Nipple clamps – sound horrible, right? They have actually been a source of pleasure for years although it is difficult to pinpoint an exact origin. Some people have made reference to Japanese sewing clamps and others will talk about later literary works such as Justine by Donatien Alphonese Franciose which first depicted them in bondage.

Thus, if you haven’t guessed by now, they are a quirky little sex toy, most commonly associated with BDSM.

The painful (pleasurable) sensation comes from the restriction and reintroduction of blood flow that comes from pinching the nipple.

It’s something that takes getting used to, particularly if you are using them under someone else’s authority. For those a little more unsure about using them, give it a go on your own first. Introduce them to your masturbation routine, play around with them and test your pain threshold in private. When you do start using them with a partner, be sure to agree on a safe word for if/when you need to stop.

Ease yourself in and be sure to start with an adjustable set on the lowest pressure. If you see blue, get the clamps off! Remember we are talking about one of the most sensitive areas on a woman’s body.

Adjustable clamps are a winner for the beginner. Their flexibility allows you or your partner to control the level of intensity you want to experience. Usually attached to a chain, be careful not to pick a heavy one as this will add more weight for your nipples to carry (thus causing more pain).

The chains can be wrapped behind you and fixed to something, so that sudden movement will result in a sharp pain. Y clamps can be made attaching two chains together, the other of which may be attached to the clitoris or a cock ring. There are probably several other ways, so do some research to see what tickles your fancy.

Ease yourself into it and start small, you can always add weight later if you think you can handle it. Although almost anything can be used to apply pressure, the main types of nipple clamps that you will find are clover clamps, tweezer clamps, piercing clamps and clothes-pin clamps.

The latest fad, the magnet clamps, work a bit like (and look a bit like) nipple piercings. They don’t have any chains so beginners can try these if they don’t want to worry about where to put the extra baggage. More experienced clampers also enjoy these, so they are a great all-rounder!

Of course, if you aren’t into pain, but the idea still has you curious, you can use them to create a pressure with variable intensity. The adjustable clamps allow you to play around with this pressure and allow you to experience more of a dull ache than an intense pain.