Nipple Clamps

#FreeTheNipple or #ClampTheNipple: What’s in a Nipple Clamp?

Breasts. They’re great. They deserve some extra attention now and again. Some people prefer the softer touch, but others enjoy a more painful sensation. Research has even shown that the erotic sensations experienced in the clitoris are actually mimicked by those in the nipple. So, if we can use a vibrator for down there, why why do we not hear more about the wonders of the nipple clamp?

Firstly, I should start off by clarifying that the name makes them sound a lot bigger and a lot scarier than they actually are. They are actually small clips that apply pressure to restrict blood-flow to your nipples, creating a sharp yet pleasurable pinching sensation.

In BDSM terms, a dominant would control the intensity of his submissive’s clamping experience. Of course, they can be used in isolation without practicing BDSM – it totally depends on your preferences.

The origins are largely unknown, but Japan has a pretty interesting sexual history and it has been said that Japanese sewing clamps were used for sexual activity and the basis for what we now know to be Japanese Butterfly clamps.

Before breaking the bank, you should start with something homemade to test the waters: A clothes peg would do, or you could even ask your partner to give them a quick pinch for you. If you to decide it is, when you go to a shop you will be confronted with a few different kinds:

The Clover

Not adjustable, so recommended for the more experienced clamper. Considered the original based on Japanese history (as above).

The Clothes-Pin

It looks like, and works like, any old clothes-pin you would find around the house. These are particularly good for beginners as you are able to adjust them easily.

The Tweezer
These clamps look exactly as you would expect. Their curved, rubbery ends mean they can grip the nipple quite well so you needn’t worry about slipping. These are also adjustable so you can play around with pressure until you find yours!

When you think of nipple clamps, don’t be scared off by (the numerous) misconceived images of BDSM!

If you want to be suspended and clamped – go for it, these are a great bonus for those seeking a more painful thrill! If you don’t want to feel the torturous burn, it doesn’t have to be that way!

In fact, many women report that the best sensation comes when you take them off, removing the importance of role play or added extras to enjoy the toy to its fullest.

For those dipping their toe in the water, be sure to start with an adjustable clamp. Moreover, be kind to yourself and really ease yourself in until you know your pain threshold.

It’s also important that your partner understands this threshold, and that you have a safe word should you need to slow things down or stop completely. They are there to be enjoyed – lick ´em, flick ´em, suck ´em, and clamp ´em!